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August 2014: the 'Little Book' continues to gladden hearts where-ever it goes! Here it goes to camp.


News Update April 2013: The work in Zimbabwe continues to develop. The need for equipment, Bibles, books and other resources is ongoing. We have another young teacher in South Africa who is studying with us and we just sent him a EGW Study Bible to help his outreach work there. He is working in an area where basic Bible truth; health truth and the prophecy message is desperately needed. Any support provided for these projects would be gratefully received!

Daniel and Revelation book sales continue and there are now somewhere between 50,000 and 60,000 of these little missionaries that have been sold and distributed to carry Bible truth everywhere they go.

News Update: September 2012: We have a full time worker in Zimbabwe that we are striving to support.  He is busy with Bible Studies and many contacts there but he really needs some equipment for copying DVD and CD-ROM discs for distribution. If the Lord so impresses you to share, All help will be greatly appreciated .  In addition we have sent out books to Kenya and India recently and they are much appreciated there. here are some thank you notes:

“Hey I’m now a very happy girl for the bible you sent me. Today l wont go sleeping befor l read 10chapters of the book john my favour one. Thank you so much for my beautiful bible.”


“I received the pack you send today. I will read the books and watch the dvds”


“Dear mother in Christ l am so happy to receive the bible. May God bless you. Now l have the light of life. I never dreamed that someday l shall be able to buy this solemn expensive book in my country but l happy to receive it free of charge as a gift. Thank you much”

June 2012  

Our latest gift of D&R, SOP books and Bibles have reached their destinations in India and Africa. I have to share with you some of the words of gratitude sent by cell-phone to me this morning from the children and youth of these groups. I hope it will impress some of you to remember us in your prayers and with your donations--so you can be part of the work and receive of God's blessing yourselves. Here are actual emails:

1.  You just can’t imagine how excited l am granny . Im so happy thank you very much. Now l can read in my house. Thank you very much. 

2.  I greatly appreciate too for the concern over us here in this country. Thank you for the books may you be greatly rewarded by God. I believe these will help us find more truth on. Thank you very much. 

3.  I am so happy so very happy that l have a bible to read. Books to read. All in the search of truth l see that God has seen my passion and desire for truth and sent you to help us. Wish if you were here right and see how happy we all are here right now. May God bless you and all your team. Thank you all. 

4.  Hi my name is Natasha a 15year old girl. I just cant believe that you would be serious that much with helping us. You know lm so excited to the uttermost. My brother wont have to read to me now l can read from my own bible and books. Thank you much. Wish if we could do anything in return. God bless you all amen. 

5.  "Lord my God, bless these people who have sacrificed their precious time and talents and devote their strenght to help us find you even more. Bless them each time any of us takes any of these books to read. I may not have proper words to thank them the way lm supposed to for words cant explain the joy that floods our hearts but you oh God thank them for us all. Amen." lm grateful very much. Thank you. 

6.  Mrs Temcat thank you very much for sending these books to us. Now we can see things on our own and can not be affected by constant power cuts in our country. We can read any where at any time without any cost. Thank you very much.

Means are needed to continue this work! Please consider us in your stewardship gifts.

May 2012

Greetings to all the friends of the 'Share the Book' mission! We have an opportunity to minister to the spiritual needs of another entire church group in the Southern Africa region. We are in deep need of funding to supply even one book per family to these dear souls who have contacted us on their little cell phone asking for guidance in studying the Bible to know the  real truth. There are many false prophets in this country and some have great influence and the people need guidance to know the true from the false and hear the real message for these days. 

We are also continuing to work with the other group we spoke of before. The books we sent them were received like hot cakes and eagerly studied, but many more are needed. Brothers and Sisters, here we have people hungering and thirsting for even one or two truth-filled books and to have a Bible to call their own. Also a ministry in India is calling for even a few books. He says: "I need again more of copies of D&R. People come home and carry them. I am also mailing them. No one helps and I hope at least they pray." Yes--Please help with means if you can, or, at least join us is praying for the light to reach these dear souls who want it so badly!

Friends, I was moved to tears today as I read the simple story told to me by a young african man who was orphaned at 7 and had to grow up in the streets. Now after being educated for a simple job by his government, he lives in a little room. Born with illness from his mother, he has never been well and suffers much pain--but he is anxious--for one big thing--to know Bible Truth and to teach it to the little group that he acts as a minister to. He deprives himself of even the basic needs of his weak body to provide food and education for 7 little street children from his tiny salary.  He says he loves them like as he wanted so much to have a mother to love him when he was little and so alone.  Friends -- he doesn't know if he will live much longer--we must get precious books to him and his group so they can have the one thing they want most--the Light of Life through Bible truth!!!!! Please help us poor people help those who are poorer than we are!

February 2012

Right now we are in need of means to help a group in one of the less fortunate countries of Africa to acquire the basic truth supplies most of us take for granted and some even throw away!! A group has contacted Temcat-Foundations & Pillars ministries that needs basic SOP materials; KJV Bibles; and a PC for their little church so they can learn from our truth filled CDs etc.  These people have ONE SOP BOOK only which they share amongst them--That ONE BOOK brought them out of 'Babylon'. So many of us have piles of SOP books gathering dust on our shelves . Please come up to the help of the Lord and be counted in to help this little Share-the-Book ministry to keep afloat!! I can assure you that all your donations get put to work--FAST!

Here are some recent reports from our last months send-outs:

Steps to Christ arrived ok -- thanks and God bless.  Last weekend I visited a group we've been meeting over a period of about 3 or 4 years - a girls' high school. they're about 4 hrs away and communicating with them on phone/internet is virtually impossible but we've been giving them books to keep them learning while we are away visiting other groups. they have come to love the prophecy message.  Its so nice - these teens meet by themselves every day for at least 30 min and do Bible studies about twice a week (besides the Sabbath afternoon BS). They place the books in the school library and other students come and read them. (an administrator in the school complained that the books are converting people! - but we know the Spirit is working)

Here is another:

We have received all the books you sent yesterday, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, they are such a great blessing, we are starting our fist heath meeting tonight and the Ministry of Healing just came in time! God is so Good, may the Lord bless you abundantly for the great blessing you are to us! We also received the DVD that Brother ___ sent us about Islam, thank you so so much!

News Update May 09-2011: The Books have Arrived! The Updated 2011 edition is what we are selling now--case-lot prices and shipping will be posted in the online store hopefully by the end of this week: The new cases will have 24 books per case. Prices are now posted!! May 11

News Update June 13-2011: We have sent out as many boxes of books to mission fields as we have been able to and we await your help in donations to the 'Share the Book Fund' to continue this work. Here is a sample of the thanks we receive from this work:  "I am very excited as I received the package from you today, I can’t wait to start reading the new D&R!!!" We have people in different countries who are willing to share this book, but often they do not have means to purchase them. What better way to serve the Lord than to put the message into the hands of those who eagerly accept it as the treasure it really is!

News Update Nov. 08-2011:
We are happy to report ongoing support of our 'Share the Book' Mission fund. Because of your generous support, we have been able to send books to Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and India as well as CDs to other places as well. They are gratefully received and appreciated. India: "2 boxes of the books “Daniel & Revelation” had reached my place; I wish to thank you both for the books." Africa: "First of all we thank you for the wonderful thing you are doing to support our masters work. We received your two boxes contain 24 copies of bibles and we give them out." We want to thank all who continue to support this fund and encourage others to consider coming up to the help of the Lord in this project!