"HELP! 2300; 1335; 508 AD; East-Wind; King of the North; 2520; I Need to Know! What do all these things mean?"

Remnant Prophecy Seminar:
Now Available FREE Online

Now you can study through the light of Present Truth Prophecy in 18 Modules containing all you need to grasp these fascinating subjects and teach them to others!

This is the ideal Resource for those who have completed the Understanding Daniel and Revelation course or have read the book. This Self-learning Seminar provides an in-depth view of Present Truth Prophecy bringing to light the secrets of 1989; 9-11-2001; the 2520; the 144,000; The Day of the East Wind; Islam in Prophecy; and more. 18 Modules containing High Resolution Slideshows; Reading material; Audio Lectures; and supplements; review Quiz sheets for most modules as well as many helpful Charts and a Resource Library.